Texas Tree by Kathryn Vermillion
Texas Tree
52" x 52" Mixed Media

Robert McMinn bought a ranch across the flats from Capote Peak, in the southern Sierra Viejo Mountains of Presidio County, Texas. He planted a tree from an acorn that grew into the tree that today stands 65 feet tall.

Ancient Story
52" x 52" Mixed Media

Christian Houghton was from an old family of Norman descent, documented back to 1066.  She brought nobility, faith, and love into my present. 

Taking Chances
52" x 52" Mixed Media

I come from a long line of gamblers who risked the unknown to make their dreams come true. In 1613, Giles Vermillion traveled alone to America at the age of 13. He worked as an indentured servant to pay for his passage and eventually earned his freedom. 

TCU Heritage by Kathryn Vermillion
TCU Heritage Print
32" x 29.5" Mixed Media (unframed)

Edward "Eddie" McMinn Anderson (Cousin Eddie) came to Texas in 1894 to live on the McMinn ranch 40 miles from Marfa, Texas—land that eventually became part of the Brite Ranch. Eddie married Lucas Charles Bright in 1896. They contributed to Texas Christian University for the creation of what is referred to today as the Brite Divinity School

Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas 


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