Maps have always fascinated me.  They capture the history of the land and the stories of people who possessed it, narratives of bitter failure and sweet success. I might study a map for months before a story evolves. At times it's a clear vision, but more often it's a process of exploration and artistic happenings.
Woman Waits by Kathryn Vermillion
Woman Waits
34" x 35.5" Mixed Media

Flowing abstractions merge with a female figure on map of Port Royal Sound, South Carolina.

Pipelines and Magnolias by Kathryn Vermillion
Pipelines and Magnolias
36" x 48 " Mixed Media

Morgan City, Louisiana was once a sleepy fishing village on the banks of the Atchafalaya River. 
I remember the feel of warm night air and the smell of sweet magnolias as I waited for the boys to come in from the rigs. Map of St. Mary Parish, Louisiana.

Bayou Paridise by Kathryn Vermilliom
Bayou Paradise
72" x 72" Mixed Media

The marshes of Avery Island in Iberia Parish Louisiana are home to snowy white egret. Thousands of birds migrate across the Gulf of Mexico in the spring and return in the fall. Map of Iberia Parish, Louisiana.

Magnolia Daydream I by Kathryn Vermillion
Magnolia Daydream I
15" x 13" Mixed Media
Magnolia Daydream II by Kathryn Vermillion
Magnolia Daydream II
15" x 13" Mixed Media
Magnolia Daydream III by Kathryn Vermillion
Magnolia Daydream III
15" x 13" Mixed Media
Flag for Selma by Kathryn Vermillion
Flag for Selma
34" x 38" Mixed Media

Selma was a beautiful farm girl who rode in the back of her father's wagon as they took produce to the market.  Those market towns are now just a memory on a map. Map of Kansas.

Plaquemines Parish
60: x 38" Mixed Media

The Mississippi River spills into the Gulf of Mexico in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. A ferry takes you across the river to the Courthouse in Pointe a la Hache.  1980 Map of Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana.

French Legacy by Kathryn Vermillion
French Legacy
36" x 56" Mixed Media

Casquette Girls were young women sent to the Louisiana Territory by the Catholic Church in the 1700's. They came to marry and build a nation. All their possessions were carried in small baskets. Map of the Atchafalaya Basin, Louisiana.


Kathryn Vermillion acknowledges Tobin Surveys, Inc., San Antonio, Texas for their permission to create art with Edgar Tobin Aeriel Survey Maps of Texas and Louisiana. Copyright © 2023.


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